Sole Fitness Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals: 2020 Edition!

Whoa, time flies by, the Sole Fitness Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 sale bonanza is soon upon us again, and Sole Fitness will soon announced their Black Friday and Cyber Monday lowest prices and best deals of the season!

Black Friday 2020 = Friday, 27 November

Cyber Monday 2020 = Monday, 30 November



(Get the best deals on the official Sole Fitness website).


Sole Fitness Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020 (plus Bowflex)

A quick note from Steve Frazier, the editor: as every year, I will research and collect the best deals for Sole Fitness Black Friday and Cyber Monday 20020 elliptical trainers and treadmills – I bet you are ready to take advantage of these crazy elliptical trainer and treadmill discounts! I’m confident that I’ll beat last year and bring you even more awesome deals this year!

This year I will also cover Bowflex Black Friday 2020 deals, specifically I will look into Black Friday 2020 Bowflex Max Trainer M6 deals, specials and coupons codes.


Sole Elliptical Black Friday Deals

One of the most anticipated deal on Sole Fitness ellipticals is the Sole E35 Black Friday sale, the ever popular Sole Fitness elliptical trainer that I recently review here.

The Sole E35 is the most popular elliptical trainer from Sole Fitness; it has been rated as “Best Buy” by several prominent consumer product testing websites.

Click through here for specific details on the E35 elliptical trainer Black Friday deal!


Sole Treadmill Black Friday Deals

There are several deals for Sole Fitness treadmills on the company website.

Two of the most appreciated treadmill deals are the Sole F80 treadmill Black Friday sale and the Sole F63 treadmill Black Friday sale.

The Sole F80 Treadmill Black Friday 2020 Sale

The Sole F80 is the top most popular treadmill from Sole Fitness; this treadmill comes with a running belt that reduces foot strike impact by up to 40% (compared to running or walking on a hard, asphalt surface). It’s been highly rated by numerous fitness experts.

Click through here for more details on this F80 Sole Fitness Black Friday deal!


The Sole F63 Treadmill Black Friday 2020 Sale

The Sole F63 is their second most popular treadmill; several consumer review and testing sites has described this treadmill as “the best quality you can get in this price range”.

Click through here for definite details on this F63 Sole Fitness Black Friday deal!


P.S.: More details to be released about coming Cyber Monday deals on November 30th. Learn more about Black Friday here, Cyber Monday here, and Sole Fitness here.