You have reached the page containing my compensation disclosure for www.ellipticalconsumers.com.

I was very happy when I saw the unanimous decision to approve new guidelines about testimonials and endorsements, which was approved by the FTC.

The guidelines that were updated making it easier for me to allow people to see the material connections behind disclosed endorsements. This was a great time for me to be able to offer the information regarding my own disclosures.

It is both and honor and privilege to be allowed to offer all of my services free to my readers. I wish it to be no other way. However, the country that we live in makes it so time equals money, so I am not able to keep my site running free. It takes a good deal if time and research for me to do this, but there are ways I can be compensated for a fraction of my time. We do in-depth reviews and research about different elliptical machines such as the SOLE E35 elliptical.

You will have noticed that there are links on my site. These links are set up in a way that allows me to collect certain amounts of commissions each time one of you clicks the link in order to buy from an affiliated site. This is not true for every single link, but it happens enough that I find it pertinent to share with you. I love sharing this with you so that you continue to come back. You are the very reason for the success that I have with my site, so I want you to understand that your continued loyalty means everything. It is mainly through these links that I am able to keep the costs of designs and customization to a minimum. In no way do I wish you to think I am making tons of money. They just allow me to not worry about the burden of paying extra money, and allow me to keep my services available to you all the time.

In addition, the commission from affiliates will never change or influence anything that I do or post on this site. While I do my best to monitor all links on my site, it is impossible for me to monitor everything on every provided link. It is important for readers to always verify and take note of the product claims of the manufacturer, and not take them at face value, as I cannot change or alter the content found on any of these sites, although I wish I could.

However, in short, I am grateful for all of you that click over to my site, www.ellipticalconsumers.com.

None of this would be possible without your continued support. I look forward to the ability to continue providing you with the best content at no cost to you.

As always, if you find anything in this disclosure, or on my site, that looks odd, please let me know!

I will do my best to fix it.

I last updated this Compensation Disclosure on February 14, 2014.