Bowflex Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals: 2020 Edition! (REVISED 27/11/20)

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Black Friday again, and I love this time of the year!

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Bowflex Black Friday 2020 is upon us again!

Black Friday deals for 2020 were announced this morning with some discounts starting as early as 6am.

We’ll be updating this page throughout the day with our favourite Black Friday deals so far.

A quick scan of the deals shows there will be some genuine bargains on offer.


Bowflex has definitely upped their game in the recent years, coming up with state of the art exercise equipment for the best home gym money can buy.

I’ve got to give it to them for their inclination to combine different workout machines into one compact device. They definitely kept the consumer in mind and took into account that most of us don’t have that much space to spare.

By hitting multiple, if not all, muscle groups at once, this takes away the need for getting many bulky machines that only do one thing anyway.

Max Trainer series

If you want to burn a ton of calories without leaving your house, this is for you.

At the forefront of what Bowflex offers is the Max Trainer series. These are very compact devices, roughly half the size of a regular treadmill. That’s pretty amazing, considering that this particular line combines the elliptical machine and the stair climber. That’s a full body workout right there.

It’s sure to fit any room or home gym. The frames of all the models are made of the same sturdy metals that are built to last and they make the device look very chic.

Even though how a piece of equipment looks is probably lower on your list of priorities, the max trainers are not only effective, but they look very sleek and not clunky.

With the Max Trainers, you can choose from the Max M3, Max M6 and Max M8 models, the M3 being the entry-level one.

With the basic device, you’ll get 8 resistance levels and with the M8, you’ll get 20. It just all depends on how far along you are on your fitness journey. I’d personally go for the M6, if you’re not sure about what to get because it’s the mid-level one and you’ll get the best value for your money.

If you’re scouting for deals to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Max Trainer line is definitely the one you should keep an eye on.

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LateralX – LX3 & LX5

If you want low-impact with a motion that’s smooth and easy, this if for you.

And, what do you know? Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Bowflex is coming with the new LateralX.

This one incorporates squatting into the mix, which is good for the ladies who want to get firmer thighs and a more defined butt. That seems to be all the rage nowadays.

It’s a cardio machine that targets the whole body and it has virtually no impact on the joints whatsoever. So expect your workouts to be pain-free on this one.

HVT (Hybrid Velocity Training)

If you want to focus more on resistance training, then go for the HVT (Hybrid Velocity Training).

This combines a platform, which is where you will stand, and some pulleys.

You can do chest presses and bicep curls and adjust the level of resistance for up to 16 levels. If circuit training is your thing, then I’d go for this one.

PR1000 – The Home Gym

If building muscle is your priority, Bowflex has the PR1000.

Plainly called the Home Gym, it allows you to do 30 strength exercises.

An added bonus with this one is that it folds easily. So if it’s important to you to be able to stow away your exercise equipment, this is a good choice for that.

Instead of free weights, the PR1000 has a polymer rod that you pull. It’s way more comfortable to work with. My favorite part about the Home Gym is that I never have to adjust the resistance by adding steel plates. That’s a thing of the past and I’m happier for it.

If you’re worried about getting your cardio minutes in, this also comes with a rowing machine configuration. This is sure to keep your heart rate up.

Bowflex Black Friday 2020 – Summery

If you’re on the lookout for deals during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Bowflex’s line of products is definitely worth your attention.

You’d want to wait to get a good deal on these things too. They don’t go for cheap, but that’s just because they’re the very best and the deliver the surest results.

I’m excited to announce Bowflex’s Black Friday Sale, starting on November 4th and running through December 2nd in the US and Canada! Don’t miss this opportunity to get major discounts and free shipping on your favorites including the Max Trainer series, SelectTech bundles, and introducing the NEW Bowflex C6 Bike!

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