Jack LaLanne – Live Young Forever: the Book

Not only was Jack LaLanne the figurehead of fitness (a.k.a. the Godfather of Fitness), but until his final days as an active, strong and healthy 96 years of age, he proved that his methods work.


Live Young Forever – the Book

Jack LaLanne’s philosophies where no fad. Learn about them, and his own personal journey in his book Live Young Forever. Foreword by Robert Kennedy. 304 pages.

In Live Young Forever, Jack LaLanne covers:

  • How he reached a strong 96 years old and how you can too.
  • The most important foods to help you keep trim and healthy.
  • Exercises that will keep you strong, supple and limber.
  • How his philosophies helped him become a huge success.
  • How to live a vibrant, motivated, stress-free, sexually active life that will make waking up a joy for decades to come.

Live Young Forever by Jack LaLanne

Currently the book is out-of-print – but you can find new and used copies over at Amazon.

Said about Live Young Forever by Jack LaLanne

I have been inspired by Jack since I was a young boy. I’m 45 now and have always stayed fit, performing weight training and going hiking on a regular basis, as well as eating clean and going to a chiropractor. I just read LIVE YOUNG FOREVER, and it was fantastic. I know you’ll miss him; we all will. But know this: Jack is helping people right now with the material he’s written and the information he gave us. God bless that man. He has saved, and continues to save and improve so many lives! Thank you. -Jake


Thanks to you Jack for my great health, starting in my youth, to now – so many years later. If not for your messages of good physical health, to Live Young Forever, the other channels on the TV giving us unhealthy options would have gone unchallenged. – You will be missed. – Scott


I am sorry to hear of Jack’s passing. He is an inspiration to all! I have his Live Young Forever book and it is amazing. He will live in our hearts forever. You have my sympanthy. May he rest in peace!! – Robin


I received “Live Young Forever” for Christmas and just finished reading it. You are so inspiring. I have gone a year or more with no caffeine, sugar, white flour, and very limited processed foods. While I have always exercised, recently I completed P90X and have started my training for triathlon and an endurance mountain bike race. Your words of wisdom and the pictures to go along with it will help me stay on track and accomplish my goals. Congratulations on your anniversary. Your life long commitment is an inspiration to us all. My parents recently had their 50th as well. I just had my 17th. I truly believe that if I continue to follow in your footsteps, my wife and I will have a healthy and happy 50th and beyond. Thank you for everything you have given us. -Rosen


I was born and raised in the Bay Area and remember as a child watching Jack LaLanne on KTVU channel 2 in the mornings. He was an inspiration to me for much of my life and I still workout and run at 48. Thank You. – Corbin


My mother Ruth Fischer was ahead of her time too. She watched and exercised with Jack regularly on our old B/W TV set in the 50s and 60s.. She bought and used what I remember was the “glamor stretcher”. She never looked her age and finally died of Alhemiers at 87. However she got my dad ( who lived to be 104- just died last April) and my 2 brothers and I onto good nutrition and she rose to a high rank in Shaklee food supplements. She knew more about nutrition than her doctor or nurse who thought she was crazy- now they are teaching what she did 30 yrs ago! – Alan



About Jack LaLanne – Biography

Jack LaLanne was born September 26, 1914 in San Francisco, CA. During his childhood he was unhealthy and addicted to sugar and junk foods. His teeth were yellow, he was constantly sick, he had a terrible temper and his face was covered in pimples and boils.

This changed when a 15-year-old Jack attended a lecture by Paul C. Bragg, the father of the health movement in America. Bragg was so inspiring that Jack changed his eating habits then and there. Gone were the cakes, pies and ice cream Jack used to eat for dinner. After that, Jack’s diet consisted of healthy, wholesome foods that come from the earth.

Jack was truly a pioneer in the fitness industry. In 1936, he opened the first modern gym, known then as a physical culture studio. This studio was the forerunner of today’s modern health spas. He encouraged men, women, athletes and the physically challenged to exercise and lift weights, even though it was thought to be medically unsafe at the time. Always wanting to know more on how the muscles of the body worked, he attended Chiropractic College and became a chiropractor. He used this knowledge as a day-to-day personal trainer in his physical culture studios. He opened the first co-ed gym, had the first nationally syndicated fitness show, and invented the Leg Extension Machine, the Weight Selector Machine and the Smith Machine – all standard equipment in any gym today.

Jack dedicated his life to helping other people live the way he had – healthy and active. He had shared his sage advice through his TV show, his juicer, and now Live Young Forever. He received the National Fitness lifetime achiever award.

Jack and his wife Elaine celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on September 24th, 2009. Jack LaLanne passed away in Morro Bay, CA on January 23, 2011 at the age of 96.

By: Steven Frazier.