Elliptical Machine Benefits – The #1 Benefit

It’s no secret that elliptical trainers, also known as elliptical machines, have a lot of benefits that essentially make them perfect machines for regular exercise.

But, what are the most prominent elliptical machine benefits?

They’re one of the best workout machines for sustained exercise because they simply help workout the body enough to stimulate its natural ability to burn fat and keep the cardiovascular system working well. So, that pretty much makes the elliptical a great cardio workout machine, when you think about it.

women on elliptical machine

And, when you think about what an elliptical machine can do, you’ll soon realize that it harbors a lot of benefits that ultimately make it one of the better exercise machines to use on a daily basis. Even studies have found that using an elliptical trainer can provide you the same benefits that a typical jogging workout would provide… without placing any stress on your joints whatsoever.

So, if you want a workout machine that’s safe for you to use without harming your body, you can’t go wrong with an elliptical machine. Though, those benefits aren’t the only elliptical machine benefits that exist out there.

There are so many benefits to using an elliptical trainer that it’s important you read about them… right before you decide to buy one.

That way, you can really understand if an elliptical machine is the right workout machine for you.

Elliptical Machine Benefits – The Details

All right, so… can you go into more detail about elliptical machine benefits? What are the best possible elliptical machine benefits anyway?

Well, we actually mentioned two of the better elliptical machine benefits: its low impact ability and its cardio workout effectiveness.

Being a low impact workout machine, it merely helps people preserve their joint strength, since the motion of running or briskly walking on an elliptical machine doesn’t force a lot of harsh impact on the joints. When you actually run or briskly walk, you’re still placing a lot of impact on the joints, since your body weight naturally distributes across your limbs to, well, support yourself .

Elliptical trainers, on the other hand, eliminate the shock stemming from that effect, otherwise known as impact (especially compared to a treadmill, NCBI).

The design of elliptical trainers removes the possibility of placing extraneous weight on your joints, ultimately producing a safer workout. This is mainly accomplished through the elliptical’s natural movement path, one that actually mimics the natural movement of the hip, knee and ankle joints. You’ll even recover faster from working out on an elliptical, since your joints won’t still feel the effects of the previous workout.

The way that an elliptical is designed also affects how it helps people burn calories.

How does it accomplish that?

Well, when you’re on an elliptical, you’re actually exerting more energy than you think you are.

Even though the low impact workout that an elliptical provides seems light, it’s a strong enough workout to help the body exert enough energy to really boost its cardiovascular activity.

Advantages Of Elliptical Trainers – How It Operates

That’s pretty interesting. Can you tell me more about the way that an elliptical operates when I use it? Does the way it operate affect the other elliptical machine benefits it may have?


As mentioned, the elliptical mainly produces movements that place less stress on your body’s joints. Of course, it’s the build of the elliptical machine that influences how its natural movements work.

elliptical machine

The foot pedals, to start, are usually built in a way that helps support your feet, and ultimately, the rest of your body.

The foot pedals on elliptical machines are usually articulated, meaning that the pedals conform and move in accordance with your own movements. Since this happens, you don’t have to move your feet off or even away from the pedals. When you move, you move with the pedal, to put it in simpler words. The pedals also adjust in accordance with the angle of the elliptical’s stride.

Well built ellipticals also have good weight to them, meaning that they’re large and heavy enough to support your weight and promote a good cardio workout.

The mechanisms that support the elliptical, coupled with a good build quality, make one incredible machine that’s suitable for any cardio and fully body workout.

The #1 Benefit – You Get A Full Body Workout

A full body workout? Is an elliptical really that good for a full body workout? What parts of the body can it workout?


The elliptical is so good for full body workouts that it’s often called a ‘cross trainer,’ just because it’s just that good at working all of the body’s major muscle groups.

So, what muscle groups of the body get worked during an elliptical workout?

Well, the elliptical is known for working the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, biceps and triceps, in addition to the muscles of the chest and back. That not only helps tone up your body, but it also helps you burn more energy, which can lead to you burning more calories and fat over time (Briley, John L.).

The best way to set up a full body elliptical workout is to distribute the machine’s resistance across your upper and lower body.

Most people typically place the most resistance on their lower body, while keeping their upper body free to work with the machine’s usual upper handlebars.

Should You Invest In An Elliptical Machine?

That sounds great! What other elliptical machine benefits should I know about? Are these benefits good enough for me to immediately buy an elliptical?

Well, yes!

Of course, there are other benefits to buying an elliptical for your home.

To start, elliptical machines are actually considered much safer than other workout machines, since they’re known to stop when you stop working out.

They’re also a good workout machine for people who have certain medical conditions or can’t exercise due to injury. Many older people, in fact, can benefit from using an elliptical for the reason that it offers a low impact cardio workout, which can help provide the stimulation that their bodies need.

Many elliptical machines also have features that make the machine even more versatile than it already is. You can use the machine to climb, glide or jog during a workout. You can even take it slow, doing enough of a workout to help stimulate the body. After all, ellipticals are designed to help make that happen.

Are there many reasons for you to get an elliptical?

If you allow for it, then yes, the many elliptical machine benefits will give you enough of a reason to buy one.

Now, even if you just have read about all the great elliptical machine benefits, just remember to test it out for yourself before you make that decision!

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