Where to Find Bowflex Max Trainer M5 Coupons (Jan. 2018)

Are you looking for a Bowflex Max Trainer M5 coupon – a discount? You’re not alone. Although the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is a fantastic value for your dollar, there are ways you can potentially save money on the $1,599 purchase price.

We’ll go over them below. If you’re about to make the purchase and you haven’t done a lot of research, feel free to check out our Max Trainer M5 review before you pull the trigger.

FIRST, DON’T MISS OUT: It’s a new year, and you can get $200 off the Max Trainer M5 plus free shipping with coupon code: NEWYEARSALE at Bowflex.com. Savings of over $458, click here. (Valid from 1/1-1/8 2018)


bowflex max trainer m5 coupon

Free shipping Bowflex Max Trainer M5 coupon

The coupon for free shipping is hidden to the general public. Here’s how to get it:

  • Buy from the official M5 page
  • Enter code “MAXBURNS” (without quotes) during checkout

That code will give you $50 off shipping for the M3 and free shipping on the M5 and M7.

Other web retailers, Amazon, Costco and The Home Depot will frequently charge for shipping. In almost all cases, this is a tactic to milk as much money from you as possible. Don’t fall for it – get the M5 from the official website.

Retailer Bowflex M5 coupons

If you live near a store that carries the Bowflex Max Trainer M5, you can look for a coupon to that particular store. For example, if Bob’s Fitness carried the M5, you would look for a coupon to Bob’s to save on the Bowflex.

Under certain circumstances, you will be able to find discounts. Look at stores near you to see if they are running any promotions right now.

If they are, call and ask to see if the promotion applies to the Max Trainer M5. The problem with in-store coupons is that most retailers are not allowed to legally apply them to Bowflex products. But, this limitation isn’t everywhere – feel free to do your research and check.

Black Friday coupons

Almost every company in existence will have a promotion running on Black Friday. Sometimes, you can find workout machines discounted at 30% or more.

The Max Trainer series usually goes on sale when Black Friday rolls around, though it’s worth noting the coupons usually aren’t too substantial. You might get 10% off certain machines and 5% off others, but that’s it. So, you can wait for Black Friday, but if you’re ready to buy today, it’s probably not worth waiting months for a negligible discount. Free shipping with the code “MAXBURNS” will save you about the equivalent of one of those sales, anyways.

Other special holidays and events

Sometimes, Bowflex will have special sales during different holidays and special events.

One year, Bowflex offered a coupon off all of its products in honor of an anniversary. Another year, during a publicity stunt, Bowflex offered a flat $100 off any machine in the Max Trainer line.

These coupons are few and far between, though. Aside from Black Friday coupons, there have only been a few coupons offered from Bowflex directly, one of them being “MAXBURNS” for free shipping if you use the official product page link.

Use “NEWYEARSALE” to save over $458 (in total) on the Max Trainer M5 2018 (offers and Jan. 8th).

Sort of like a “bowflex max coupon” – buying used

Another option – instead of buying new and trying to find a coupon, you can buy a used machine and get a “coupon” for however much the seller is discounting the price from the original $1,599.

But, buying used always carries risk. The machine might not work perfectly, and depending on how the previous owner used it and how long it has been since the original purchase, the warranty might not be valid.

In our humble opinion, it’s always better to buy new when you are buying something as big and complicated as a Bowflex.

Why it’s so hard to find Max Trainer M5 coupons

If you look around online, you won’t see any traditional coupon codes like you would for some other retailers. There aren’t coupons “floating around” – they come around very infrequently, if at all. The only one available in 2018 is “MAXBURNS” – buy from the official product page to claim it.

The reason for this lack of coupons is the strategy Bowflex uses to manufacture and market their products.

Max Trainer machines – the M5 included – are made of the best materials possible. They’re lightweight, durable, and extremely sturdy. The tech inside the machine is next-level. The displays are beautiful and coordinated. All of this combined makes the Max Trainer M5 relatively expensive to manufacture.

If Bowflex were to price the Max Trainer M5 to the point where they could offer coupons, it would be really expensive. Instead of $1,599, we estimate that the price would be closer to $2,000 or $2,500. If you could find a coupon, you could get it at the real price of $1,599.

Instead of taking this markup-then-discount approach, Bowflex sets a firm low price and usually doesn’t waver. That means you can’t usually find a coupon… but you are getting the lowest price you can already.

Not everyone will like this approach. Some will prefer the feeling of savings, even if the price was artificially inflated before the coupon. But if you’re someone who likes to pay what the product is worth (and nothing more), you should get the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 without the use of a coupon (besides “MAXBURNS” for free shipping) – you’re not getting a “deal” in the traditional sense, but you are getting the lowest price that Bowflex can viably offer their machines for. And you’re getting it shipped for free.

If you’re still on the fence because you were hoping to find a coupon[1] that went further than free shipping, read our review of the M5, see above, and see why we think it’s worth buying for the full price.

Click here to go to the official product page to make your purchase. Claim the “free shipping max trainer m5 coupon” with code “MAXBURNS”.

Updated 1/9: January special coupon “NEWYEARSALE” gives $300 off and free shipping on your Bowflex Max Trainer M5 order (click here for $458 savings value.)